September Is the New January

Did you think January is the only time to set New Year’s resolutions? Think again. In some important ways, September is the start of a fresh new year; with the temperatures dropping and kids off to school, now it’s the ideal time for a reset.

 Some religions mark the new year with September’s completion of the old year’s cycle of sowing and harvesting.

The crispness of autumn air moves people to clear out closets and garages of outgrown toys and furniture. Families are falling back into a rhythm of meal planning and eating better, as the summer philosophy of “whatever, as long as we don’t turn on the oven” falls away.  And of course, we all benefit from earlier bedtimes becoming the norm as days shorten.

 Sure, you could wait for January 1 to reflect, and make a bold new commitment to make your life better, but with the fresh chill of September in the air, why not start right now?