Life is a journey, an exploration, an adventure. For most of us it is a predominantly joyful experience, though with many ups and downs. Where ever life’s transitions take us, it ultimately leads to the heart. 

We can sometimes feel depressed, anxious, beaten down before that adventure is complete. The journey we are on, this great odyssey, is one of finding our inner resources. Through an increasingly healthy mind, we can find our heart. From selfishness we can move together towards increasing selflessness. From pain and suffering, we can move together towards increasing joy. 

The journey is made less difficult when someone is with us who cares about our well-being, and through unconditional love knows the way back home to the heart. 

Who is it that can help us, when we are in need? Who is it that can help us when we are suffering through life’s difficulties, and we almost seem to be lost on our journey? Do you know someone who seems to have equanimity and compassion? Can you find someone who stays away from the destructive elements of daily life? Can the person reach out to you as an individual, who is trying to live in greater love and awareness of the common struggles of humanity, in order to help you find your heart, to find the inner light that can be found by any of us, and cultivated to establish real change? 

We can make fast progress, and get the help we need, traveling as far as our mentor or therapist has progressed. Three decades ago, I found such a person. She was my mentor and my teacher. She once said to me, “A person in therapy can only be helped as far as the therapist has gone.” She knew the way home to the heart, and beyond into the depths of the inner Self. 

This inner journey is the key to true health of mind, body and spirit. It is a great honor to be invited to help an individual, a couple, a family to find their way back to themselves, and to travel it together, for awhile.